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Supply and Delivery of Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis






Supply and Delivery of Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis


Request for Expressions of Interest

The City is interested in the acquisition of vehicles for its municipal fleet.  The City is seeking to identify providers for the procurement of tandem axle cab and chassis vehicles only suitable for dump truck configuration.

The purpose of this RFEOI is to invite dealers, manufacturers, and/or their agents to submit an expression of interest for the supply of current model year tandem axle cab and chassis vehicles for the City's Engineering Department, Operations Division - Municipal Fleet for consideration.

RFEOI Document for download: 
Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis (.pdf)

The City will select a respondent or respondents who may be invited to participate in the next stage of the competitive selection process.

This is not a solicitation of proposals; rather it is a non-binding invitation to qualified Respondents to make themselves known to the City. All information provided by Respondents shall be reviewed by the City. It shall be at the discretion of the City to accept or reject responses from any Respondent who elects to submit a response to this RFEOI.

Closing Date:

Prefer to receive Submissions on or before April 17, 2014.


Richard D. Oppelt
Purchasing Manager
Finance & Technology Department
Tel: (604) 590-7274

Status: Submissions under review.








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