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Approval of the Electors by Alternative Approval Process Removal of Reservation of Park Land

Alternative Approval Process

The City Council intends to adopt Surrey Removal of Reservation of a Portion of Hawthorne Park Bylaw, 2017, No. 19337 to remove Portion of Hawthorne Park, Park Reserve By-law, 1979, No. 5812. Removal of this reservation By-law No. 5812, is applicable only to portions of Hawthorne Rotary Park and is required to construct the 105 Avenue corridor project, important utility relocations, and the improvement plans within Hawthorne Rotary Park.

In accordance with the Community Charter, approval of the park reservation removal Bylaw No. 19337, is being facilitated through the Alternative Approval Process (AAP). The AAP provides an opportunity for eligible electors to indicate to Council that they are opposed to the reservation removal Bylaw No. 19337. Electors state their desire with the submission of an Elector Response Form included in Part 2 of this Elector Package.

The removal of reservation of the land is deemed to be approved by the electors in Surrey unless more than 10% of the registered voters (or those eligible to vote, but not registered*) submit, in writing, their opposition. In this instance, the number of registered voters in Surrey is 303,721. The deadline for public response is September 22, 2017.

105 Avenue Corridor Project

105 Avenue is a planned two-lane road with raised and separated bicycle lanes, sidewalks, street trees and lighting between Whalley Boulevard and 150 Street. The City has been planning the route since the 1980’s and it was included in the City’s 1986 Official Community Plan.  The road was identified to improve the local transportation network with better access, circulation, connectivity and multi-modal corridors for the community between City Centre and Guildford.

Hawthorne Rotary Park Improvements

An important part of the 105 Avenue corridor project is the development of the Hawthorne Rotary Park Master Plan and the delivery of an improvements plan to mitigate the impacts to the park from the 105 Avenue project.  Initial deliverables will include: 

  • Acquisition of approximately 5 acres of adjacent properties to increase the size of the park and protect natural areas while improving access to the Park from 144 Street;
  • Increasing the net size of the Park by approximately 1 acre;
  • Removing the 142 Street connection between 104 Avenue and the 105 Avenue corridor that was part of the original plan;
  • Including approximately 450 trees into the Park through acquired properties;
  • Removing the existing park roadway to the main parking lot and replacement with green-space;
  • Relocating the main parking lot towards 144 Street and replacement with green space;
  • Reducing the overall 105 Avenue road footprint by eliminating any on-street parking;
  • Providing environmental enhancements such as the construction of salmon rearing habitat for Bon Accord Creek;
  • Constructing  a new walking trail connecting the Park to  the Quibble Creek Greenway; and
  • Installing wildlife crossings to ensure connectivity of wildlife habitat throughout the Park.

Public Notice will be advertised in the Surrey Now-Leader newspapers on August 11 and 18, 2017

Public Notice – Bylaw No. 19337


Surrey Removal of Reservation of a Portion of Hawthorne Park Bylaw, 2017, No. 19337

Alternative Approval Process Elector Package

Download the Elector Response Package for Bylaw No. 19337

Details of the changes to reserved parkland in Hawthorne Rotary Park can be found in Corporate Report 2017-R161


Any inquiries about the 105 Avenue Corridor Project or the Hawthorne Rotary Park Master Plan process should be made to the Engineering Department by phone at 604-591-4853 Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or by email to

If you are in opposition to the Removal of Reservation of Park Land, you must submit an Elector Response Package. The forms may be mailed, emailed, hand-delivered or faxed to the Office of the City Clerk and must be received no later than September 22, 2017:

Surrey City Hall
Office of the City Clerk
5E - 13450 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 1V8
Fax: (604) 501-7578

*To be eligible you must meet all of the following requirements:
1. be 18 years or older
2. be a Canadian Citizen
3. have lived in BC for the last 6 months
4. have resided in Surrey for the last 30 days.