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Walking in Surrey

Pedestrian safety and convenience are a big part of the Transportation Strategic Plan in Surrey. With 50% of the public saying they're deterred from walking by a lack of sidewalks, we've made it a priority to build up walking infrastructure in Surrey.

Helping you walk more in Surrey

  • Save money by walking to transit in Surrey along new sidewalks.
  • Help the environment by choosing walking as a sustainable travel option.
  • Pick a safe, new way to get to school with help from the Safe & Active Schools Program.
  • Meet people in your community walking on sidewalks in your town centre.
  • Improve your health with walking along Surrey's greenways.

Go the extra mile and give us your idea of how we can improve walking in Surrey. EMail us at with any of your ideas, comments or questions on walking in Surrey.

Looking down Surrey sidewalk.


Find out how sidewalks are built in Surrey and how we prioritize building new sidewalks.

car driving by crosswalk in Surrey, BC


See how we decide when to install a crosswalk in Surrey.

Couple walking their dog

Safe Mobility Plan

Learn how our Safe Mobility Plan will help improve road safety in Surrey.

Students walking to school.

Safe and Active Schools Program

See how we're encouraging students to walk and cycle more to school in Surrey.

Couple walking their dog

Walking Plan

Explore how Surrey's Walking and Cycling Plans will help improve accessibility, transportation options, and safety for vulnerable road users [...]

Hook Greenways

Greenways Master Plan

Review the Greenways Master Plan to discover almost 90 km of Surrey greenways and the plan for more.

Intersection in Surrey at night, with street lights on.

Street Lights

Report a Surrey street light outage, or learn the steps to have a street light installed, removed or moved.