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Surrey Road Network & Maps

Surrey transportation map

Surrey’s road network allows people and goods to travel within and through Surrey safely and efficiently. There are 4 types, or classifications, of roads in Surrey:

Car, bus, bicycle and foot travel is generally accommodated on all roads. Truck travel is generally restricted to highways and certain arterial roads (truck routes). Each type, or classification, has unique functions to promote efficient traffic flow through the network.

Roads have two major functions:

  • To allow people and goods to move about the City, and
  • To accommodate the utilities needed to service the City.

More than that, however, roads are the largest public open space the City has, and the treatment of our roads has a strong impact on safety, comfort, liveability, and sustainability.

Surrey Transportation Maps

Surrey Road Classification Map (R-91)

The planning, operation and management of the City’s road network is based on the Surrey Road Classification Map (R‐91).

This map is used to:

  • Determine transit routes, snow ploughing priorities, traffic signal locations and appropriate locations for traffic calming,
  • Determine road cross-sections and road allowance widths,
  • Protect corridors for transportation infrastructure that accommodates City growth, and
  • Provide information to prospective land development applicants and in the review of development applications.

Road classifications are determined in a variety of ways, including ultimate (long-term) connectivity and function. They are typically established through a planning process such as a transportation modelling study or a Neighbourhood Concept Plan.

The Surrey Road Classification Map (R‐91) is part of the Subdivision and Development By-law

Surrey Major Road Allowance Map

The Surrey Major Road Allowance Map identifies the width of road allowance required for each collector road and arterial road (and unique local roads). Road allowance is the public land on which a road sits, and usually extends several metres beyond the curb or edge of pavement.

The Surrey Major Road Allowance Map:

  • Accommodates the transportation servicing needs for the continued growth of Surrey,
  • Ensures consistency with City standards for arterial roads and collector roads,
  • Reflects specific requirements determined through major long-term planning studies,
  • Accommodates future rapid transit routes, and
  • Provide a level of certainty to the development community.

The Surrey Major Road Allowance Map is a companion document to the Surrey Road Classification Map (R-91) and is part of the Subdivision and Development By-law.

Other key transportation maps

Components of roads

Surrey’s roads accommodate the following:

  • Vehicle travel lanes
  • Bike lanes
  • Parking
  • Sidewalks
  • Multi-use pathways
  • Street signs
  • Streetlighting
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Hydro poles or underground power lines
  • Sewer mains
  • Water mains
  • Telecommunications lines
  • Storm sewer mains
  • Ditches and swales
  • Transit stops
  • Transit shelters and benches
  • Garbage cans
  • Fire hydrants

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