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Backflow Preventer Forms and Procedures

Back flow preventer fire

Existing Device

For all existing backflow preventer devices, online test report submission is a mandatory. Paper copy of the test result is no longer accepted by the City. This method is taken to improve the efficiency of the process:

  • The consumer or the tester will no longer be required to obtain a blank test form and subsequently submit a completed test form to the City; and
  • The City will reduce the process of manually entering test reports to the database.

Certified testers can register and submit test report online to City’s contractor, BSI Online, by following the steps in the Tester Introduction Brochure.

Newly Installed or Previously Unregistered Backflow Preventers

Payment process Change effective 01/01/2017

For newly installed or previously unregistered backflow preventers a paper copy of the test report is required to be filled and sent to the City. Plumbing permits are required for all newly installed or previously unregistered Blackflow Preventers.

All fees including test report fee will now be collected at time of permit application

The tester shall submit the test report within 14 days of the date of the test to

There has been an update to the Test report form that includes a space for the Plumbing permit number. If no valid permit number is provided, you will be instructed to obtain one before the reports will be accepted.

Replacement of an Existing Backflow Preventer

If any of the existing backflow preventer device is replaced, the new/replacement device shall be tested immediately following installation and the test report needs to be submitted online through BSI Online, including the information on the device being replaced.

Removal of an Existing Backflow Preventer and Hazard

A Removed Backflow Preventer Verification Form shall be completed by the consumer to confirm that the backflow preventer and the hazard it isolates has been removed. Upon receipt of the form, the City will de-activate the backflow preventer and will not issue further notice for testing for the backflow preventer.