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Bulk Data

Hypercube from HyperSpectral Imagery of Map Tile 26

The City is making its remote sensing data, covering the entire city, available. The data, as collected between March and May 2013, comprises of:

  • LiDAR,
  • hyperspectral imagery and
  • ortho photo imagery

to support various City initiatives and responsibilities. These data were acquired for specific capital engineering projects, but there's extensive value inherent within them that others can realize.

These and other large data are now available in bulk to external firms and agencies upon request. Making these data readily available in bulk form will result in

  • efficiencies for firms working on capital or land development projects for the City, and will  
  • reduce overhead associated with traditional data requests, and
  • reduce overhead associated with bandwidth charges the City incurs when transferring data over the internet.

Data Transfer

Find a list of the datasets available in the Bulk Data Inventory Spreadsheet.

To obtain a copy of these data:

  • complete the Bulk Data Request Form, and
  • supply the City with an external hard drive with a storage capacity of at least 1TB supporting USB 3.0.

The City doesn't cover shipping costs. You may arrange a courier to deliver and pick up your portable hard drive.

This service is provided free of charge. For this reason, limited resources are available to complete the transfers. A target turnaround of 1 week is anticipated. However, the time may be extended during peak periods.

Sample Data

See sample data of a small area within Surrey City Centre to get familar with the data before requesting a copy of the entire offering.

Some of these samples may have been packaged using winzip for convenience. All files will open in a new window.



Email or phone at 604-591-4146 with any questions on making a bulk data request.

The images at the bottom of the page show some examples of the City's Remote Sensing Data in use. We encourage you to share your images created from the City's GIS data. 

CASI Hyper Spectral Sample

City Centre LiDAR Sample

City Centre Aerial Photo Sample