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Incentives & Rebates

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Need help paying for your energy upgrades for a new building or existing building?

The following programs are currently available to help offset the cost of improving the energy efficiency of your home. By combining these programs you could receive thousands of dollars in refunds. Add that to the potential savings in your annual energy bills, and your energy-efficient upgrades could be paid off in only a few years.

New Buildings

Power Smart New Home

This offer is provided in by BC Hydro Power Smart and Fortis BC.

The Power Smart New Home program offers financial incentives to builders, developers and owner-builders to help offset the costs of building to a higher standard of energy efficiency.

Rebates Available

  • Home performance: up to $2,000
  • High-efficiency water heaters: up to $1,000
  • Space heating condensing boiler: up to $1,000
  • Energy-efficient fireplace: up to $300

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Green Home Program

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provides a 10% refund on your Mortage Loan Insurance premium if you buy an energy-efficient home or make energy-saving renovations.

So what is an energy efficient house and how much can you save?

  • To qualify for the refund your home must meet a minimum EnerGuide rating of 82.
  • Assuming a 5% down payment and $500,000 loan, your insurance refund would be just over $1,500.

Use the calculator below to determine your Mortgage Loan Insurance refund.

CMHC Insurance Refund Calculator

Existing Buildings

Energy Conservation and Assistance Program

FortisBC and BC Hydro have partnered to help improve the comfort and efficiency of your home, free of charge.  The Energy Conservation and Assistance Program (ECAP) provides income-qualified residential customers with a free home energy evaluation, energy-savings products and advice.

Program details:

  • Free personalized home energy evaluation
  • Free installation of energy-savings products including: LED lightbulbs, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, water-efficient showerheads, hot water pipe wrap, exterior door weatherstripping
  • Free energy-efficiency advice to help you create a more comfortable home
  • Some homes may qualify for an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, insulation for attic or wall, and a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or furnace rebate

Energy Savings Kit

A free energy savings kit can help you make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.  BC Hydro customers who live in an income-qualified household can request a free Energy Savings Kit.

Each kit contains:

  • LED light bulbs
  • Weatherstripping to reduce drafts around windows and doors
  • High efficiency showerhead
  • Water-saving tap aerators
  • LED night light
  • Fridge and freezer thermometer
  • Step-by-step instruction guide to help you install each product

Apply online for your free Energy Savings Kit.

Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

In Surrey, more than 40% of rental apartment buildings are older than 35 years and may not be as energy efficiency as they could be. The City of Surrey is partnering with FortisBC and Landlord BC to help rental apartment building owners and property owners make a few simple changes to save money, energy, and water through FortisBC’s Rental Apartment Efficiency program.

Access the following services: 

  • Installation of free water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators (valued at approximately $50 per unit).
  • Free energy assessments (valued at up to $2,000).
  • Free professional support with implementing additional efficiency upgrades (e.g. boilers; valued at several thousands of dollars) and applying for rebates for qualifying buildings.

Find out more about eligibility requirements and how you can improve your building's energy performance, lower your greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce operating costs on the FortisBC website.

Home Renovation Rebates

The Home Renovation Rebates offer is provided in partnership by BC Hydro Power Smart and FortisBC.

This program offers a wide variety of incentives to make it easier for you to reduce your energy bills and improve the comfort and health of your home.

Rebates Available:

  • Insulation: up to $1,200
  • Ductless Heat Pump: $800 (additional $400 rebate currently available on select products)
  • Ventilation Fan
  • Draftproofing: up to $500
  • Natural gas hot water heaters
  • EnerChoice fireplaces
  • A $750 bonus offer for making three or more eligible upgrades

Financial Institutions

Borrowing money to pay for your energy upgrade? British Columbia financial institutions often offer unique opportunities to finance home energy investments.