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Oversize & Overweight Load Permits

All vehicles using City of Surrey roads that exceed legal weights and dimensions require permits before the trip.

There are 2 types of permits available to facilitate the trucking industry: Annual Permits and Single Trip Permits.

Annual Permits

An annual permit is issued to one tractor unit carrying various non-hazardous oversize loads not exceeding the following dimensions. An annual permit is also available for overweight vehicles with non-reducible loads such as cranes.

  • 3.2 metres maximum width
  • 3.8 metres maximum width
  • 25.0 metres maximum length (for 3 units)
  • 4.3 metres maximum height
  • 6.5 metres rear maximum overhang

The annual permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Hours of operation and special restrictions are printed on the permit.

Cranes that meet the legal weight requirements will need an Annual Permit if they have a front or rear projection exceeding the Commercial Transport Act permitted lengths. A permit is not required if there is no projection and if there are no other conditions existing that would require a permit.

Single Trip Permits

Pre-purchased Single Trip Permits may be obtained for trucks hauling various non-hazardous oversize and overweight loads that fall within the following dimensions and weights.

  • Width: 3.2 metres to 4.4 metres
  • Length: 25.0 metres to 36.6 metres not exceeding 7.5-metre rear overhang
  • Height: 4.3 metres to 4.8 metres
  • Weight: Up to the Bridge Formula on axle groups to a maximum GVW of 64,000 kg

Overweight cranes (even if dimensions are legal) must carry Single Trip Permits. Axle weights that exceed the Bridge Formula will void the permit. Overlength loads that require the use of a steering dolly are not applicable for use of these permits. They are for the use of loads that are not readily reducible.

Pilot Car companies may pre-purchase Single Trip permits that can be used to cover an escorted oversized/overweight vehicle.

All loads that exceed weight and measurement guidelines listed above are required to apply at the City of Surrey, Engineering Department for a Specific Single Trip permit. See below for associated fees.


  • Single Axle: 12,000 kg
  • Tandem Axles: 23,000 kg
  • Tridems: 28,000 kg

Fees for Oversize and Overweight Load Permits

  • Single Trip: $60
  • Book of 10 Single Trip Permits: $565
  • Annual: $310 for vehicles up to 3.2m wide
  • Annual: $630 for vehicles up to 3.8m wide

How to Apply for Oversize and Overweight Load Permits

Annual and Single Trip Permits are available at the Engineering Front Counter, Surrey City Hall during regular business hours.

The permits must be obtained prior to departure and carried in the vehicle for the duration of the trip. They may not be reused or copied. The operator must phone the validation voice mail number at 604-591-4574 prior to departure to validate the permit. Message prompts will assist the operator in registering the use of the permit.

A copy of the completed permit must be remitted to the Engineering Department.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with all bylaw requirements, truck route maps, time of day restrictions, and pilot car regulations. Failure to meet the conditions of any issued permit will void the permit.

Legal dimensional sizes and weights for the City of Surrey are as per the Commercial Transport Act.

For more information on trucking within City limits, see Surrey's Truck Route Network.

Other permit information

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  • Peak hour restrictions expand
  • Peak hour restrictions

    • Oversize / Overweight permits are not valid during peak hours (7 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays).
    • Additional time restrictions may apply for larger loads.
  • Loads over 4.8 metres high expand
  • Loads over 4.8 metres high

    Loads over 4.8 metres high must obtain Hydro, Telephone, and Traffic Management approval prior to obtaining a Specific Single Trip permit from the City of Surrey. This requires a minimum of 2 business days’ notice. A plan of the route to be taken must be submitted with the permit application.