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Surrey Transfer Station

Bring any waste or items you're unable to dispose of with the Surrey Reuses program, Large Item Pickup Program or other recycling programs to the Surrey Transfer Station.
Please ensure all loads are secure during transportation.

Address and contact information

9770 -192 Street, Surrey, BC
Surrey Transfer Station


The following items are not accepted in your curbside collection program and should be recycled or disposed of at the Surrey Transfer Station or another alternative disposal facility:

  • Glass Windows
  • Carpet
  • Building & Demolition Material
  • Sod & Soil
  • Painted or Treated Wood
  • Non-Packaging Plastic
  • Clean Wood*

For more information regarding what is accepted and the associated fees, please visit Metro Vancouver's website.

*Separate clean wood from other materials before going to the transfer station. Clean wood is defined as solid wood, lumber, and pallets that contain no paint, stains, glues, and chemical treatments. The wood may be pierced with nails or other metal fasteners like screws or staples.

Renovating a home? Check out Metro Vancouver's Demolition and Contruction Waste Management Toolkit to help maximize the amount of waste diverted from disposal through salvage, reuse, and recycling.


Surrey residents can schedule mattresses for free pick-up through the Large Item Pick-up Program. Please refer to the Large Item Pick-up webpage for more information.

Recyclables Dropoff - Free Disposal

The Transfer Station recycling depot accepts the following items, free of charge.


  • Batteries
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Glass containers
  • Metals: Scrap metal, metal appliances, outdoor power equipment, light fixtures, metal packaging
  • Oil filters
  • Recyclable paper
  • Plastics (Resin # 1, 2, 4, & 5)
  • Plastic film and plastic bags
  • Propane tanks

The Surrey Transfer Station doesn't accept hazardous waste. See your household hazardous waste disposal options to safely get rid of these items.

Demolition and Construction Waste Management Toolkit

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