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Take The Dip for Groups & Classes

Group taking the DIP

Take the Dip Event Vancouver Aquarium logo

Classes and groups can take part in the Take the Dip Event to support World Rivers Day on September 30, 2018! Sign up your class/group with the registration form to receive Take the Dip kits for your Class or group.

Prize draw

Take part in an action project and submit an action report to be entered into the prize draw to win a Vancouver Aquarium Class Workshop for your entire group. Please review the Contest Rules. Project submissions due October 6 in order to be eligible for the prize draw. Submit reports as per the Project Submission Guidelines.

This prize has been donated by the Vancouver Aquarium to support the citizen science projects being conducted through taking the Dip.

Year-round Community Projects

Action projects

Develop custom Take the Dip action projects for your class or group. Action projects have participants take part in activities that demonstrate social responsibility and shows them the power of observation and action. Each participant becomes a Stream Investigator and discovers what healthy water quality looks like with easy, colour-changing tests. Projects can range from a single water sample event to year-long stream habitat assessments with resource support from Surrey staff. Contact or 604-591-4383 to get started.

Action projects can be innovative and fun! Ideas include group trips to a local stream to conduct the Dip together, or send individual kits home with participants to complete the Dip as an assignment that they have to report back to the class with results. Can't get the whole group to a stream location? Get creative and bring a small bucket sample of water to your group to test. Or you can challenge them with mystery 'water' samples, one from a stream and one from your tap, to see if they can guess which is which from the water quality! Use the Dip Results Guide to interpret the results and understand the importance of each water quality test for aquatic life.

Resources for your class

If you are looking for more resources to support your class action, check out the World Water Monitoring Challenge website for terrific guides, lesson plans and worksheets free for download. Surrey's Take the Dip kits are based off this Challenge and all your results get uploaded onto their map by the end of each year.

Taking the Dip!