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What's New in Heritage

The BCER in Cloverdale in 1911

A Resource for Teachers and Students Alike

Gone are the days when teachers and students have to rely solely on hard cover books for information. However, with the internet comes uncertainty about the accuracy of information. Students quoting websites can't feel confident in their notations and teachers are left searching random links to confirm sources.

Surrey Archives and Museums Online Access (SAMOA) has become a reputable source since it launched in 2010. Drawing about 10,000 searches each month, the searchable database is readily finding its way into classrooms, lesson plans and papers throughout the Lower Mainland.

"Local history hits home for students more than national history. Young people need to know how things effect them to be meaningful to them. This resource is an easy way to make the history relatable." -Surrey Teacher

Local Content

With curriculum updates and more and more general awareness about local history, SAMOA is a perfect tool.  All of the 35,000 archival photos and hundreds of artifacts featured have a connection to Surrey. They tell the stories of Surrey's citizens and trailblazers and show the development of the City to its modernization today. Local content includes:

  • Archival photos,
  • Maps
  • Historic documents
  • Oral recordings

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Doc Sinclair's medical bag

Doc Sinclair's medical bag.

An 1897 pre-emption map from the southern half of Surrey

An 1897 pre-emption map of South Surrey.