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Parks Standard Construction Document

The Parks Standard Construction Document has been developed as a reference for City of Surrey Parks planners and construction staff and external consultants to guide the development of new and improved parks. The Standard Construction Document is also intended to form part of the Contract Documents for contractors awarded contracts for construction projects for the City of Surrey Parks Division. The document also guides developers constructing landscape improvements on parkland.

This document is made up of specifications, appendices, and construction details. It is intended to be used as minimum acceptable standards for Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture construction projects, and that relevant specification sections and construction details can be taken from this document to form part of Contract Documents issued by the City of Surrey, Parks Division, on a project-to-project basis.

This document is to be read in conjunction with the Master Municipal Construction Documents, BC Landscape Standard and City of Surrey, Engineering Department General Conditions, Supplementary Specifications, and Standard Drawings.

Wherever possible, section numbers used in these specifications reflect those used in the Master Municipal Construction Documents, and the City of Surrey Supplementary Specifications, otherwise National Master Specification section numbering protocol is used.

This document is not intended to constitute or render engineering, architectural, legal or other professional services or advice. Nor is it a substitute for such services or advice from a professional directed to the specific design situation.

While the information in the document is believed to be accurate, the City of Surrey shall not be liable for damages arising from errors or omissions in this document. The document is not intended to endorse or recommend any particular product or material. Users of this document are encouraged to use wise consumer, and professional practices when selecting products and materials.

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